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Our History

We have always admired how our parents immigrated from Korea to Canada to seek better opportunities for our family.

Mom’s passion for food came out of the need to feed her family with great wholesome meals. She maintained our Korean heritage through the food. She had to create Korean food from the ingredients that were available to her and from the traditions that were passed down to her.

Our love of flavours derives from our mother. Her creative touches drove our passion for food.


We started Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen to showcase quality Korean food we grew-up eating. We envisioned bringing a wider palate of flavours to our customers through our food.  Food that is wholesome and made with quality ingredients. Food that is flavourful and good for you. Our casual environment reflects that Korean food can be enjoyed everyday.

Mom’s Recipes

We show our love through our food. Our recipes are traditional and yet they reflect our experiences from growing up in Canada. We love to use fresh quality ingredients in our food and build our flavours through these traditional recipes that we have made our own.