• Sandwiches
    & Small Plates

Small Plates, Big Flavour!

Our Hot Sandwiches and Small Plates were inspired to bring Korean flavour to casual food.

All our Sandwiches are built on a fresh baguette with Sesame Coleslaw and Kimchi Relish

  • Bulgogi Beef Sandwich – Warm Beef Slices sauteed in Mom’s bulgogi sauce
  • Denjung Pulled Pork Sandwich – Pork braised with Denjung (Korean Soy Bean Paste) until tender
  • Ginseng Chicken Sandwich – Whole chicken cooked with Ginseng and Herbs with Korean Chili Sauce

Small Plates: Inspired by Korean Street Food offered after 3pm Monday – Friday and All Day Saturday

  • Ddeok-bokki – Korean Rice Cakes sauteed in Korean Chili Sauce
  • Handmade Mandu – Korean dumplings or potstickers